Browsing through the aisles of the supermarket, I happened to notice  spring roll wraps (aka sheets of rice) and bought them. They have been sitting in my cupboard for a while now, and I just got the courage to use them.

I have to warn you – this is a more than one pot food. I’ve seen recipes for making cold spring roll wraps, which I’m sure are very good, but I was looking for those warm, deep fried ones. The cold ones just seem way too healthy. I’m sure that there is a way to make them less healthy, but they still don’t have that crispness that makes them fun to eat.

Here’s a video that I found showing you how to roll them up.

Use a slotted spoon when you deep fry them and put the seam of the spring rolls down. That way there is less chance of them opening when you put them in the hot oil.

It’s best to eat these right away – they don’t really heat up all that well. They are a bit more time consuming than most of my recipes, but they are fun.

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