Update: Oreos are vegan! Even though they are marked OU-D, they are not made with eggs or milk. You don’t have to make your own, but it’s still fun to do and they come out really yummy!

Is there anything that reminds you more of your childhood than Oreo cookies? You remember the commercial? “Who’s that kid with the Oreo cookie?” There is something so simple and pure about them. I’ve tasted some eggless and milkless imitations, and they are just not the same thing. At lease not the ones that I’ve eaten. I’m sure that there are plenty of good vegan Oreos out there, but not over here in Israel. All the ones that I’ve found have that chemical taste. I have no idea what is in them, and that kind of scares me. Now that I think about it, I wonder what they put in those real Oreos?

This dough is kind of sticky, so have water on hand if you want to touch anything. These little suckers grow, so make sure that there is plenty of room between each cookie.

On a side note, I couldn’t help humming, “I Love the White Stuff” by Weird Al Yankovic (based on “You’ve Got the Right Stuff” by Janet Jackson) while making these bad boys. If you know the song, it’s all about the white stuff in the middle of an Oreo. Very funny song.

Here’s a cute video that someone made up for the song:

I know that some people feel like these cookies call for a tall glass of milk. I don’t think that I ever ate them with milk myself. If you feel that you do need milk, try almond milk. It’s full of calcium, protein, omega fatty acids, and a bunch of minerals. It also has no cholesterol or saturated fats. How can you beat that?

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