My kids love Click. It’s an Israeli invention of chocolate covered cornflakes that they sell everywhere they sell regular candy bars. When I saw a recipe for Cornflake Cookies on, I thought that I could take their recipe and switch it up a bit to make it more like Click. There’s no chocolate in the original recipe. Click needs chocolate, so I added it. I also used agave syrup instead of corn syrup. It’s healthier, and I just don’t keep corn syrup in the house.

This is the kind of recipe I really love. Not only is this super yummy, it’s also super easy. Even though my kids are vegetarians and would eat Click if you gave it to them, I like the idea of coming up with an alternative that is totally animal friendly.

That really is the whole point of this blog – finding ways to make food that we really want to eat vegan. There’s no deprivation here. Just ask the kids.

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