My mom never made macaroni and cheese when I was growing up. My fond memories of mac and cheese come from our next door neighbor’s house. I used to babysit for the girls all the time. As one of the many perks, I got homemade mac and cheese. Rebecca (the mom) never made her mac and cheese from the powdered stuff. She actually made it from real cheese. (It was American cheese, but I think that still counts as cheese.)

I’ve seen a lot of recipes that use nutritional yeast. I bought some when I was in the US because it just seemed like one of those things that vegans put in their food. But I can’t stand the stuff, and it’s rarely necessary. Every so often I take it out and try to use it again, but it just has such a weird taste. It’s not for me.

In addition (or subtraction) to not having nutritional yeast, this recipe is also soy-free. No soy plants were harmed in the making of this recipe. It’s not that I’m against harming soys, it’s just that it was not needed.

I haven’t seen Rebecca, Barry, Simmie or Dina in years. The kids that I used to babysit are all grown up, with kids of their own. I will always remember the fun times we had. Especially when I eat mac and cheese.

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