Natasha Rosenstock Nadel

I love the internet. It’s really cool how you can make friends with people that you’ve never really met. Natasha is one of those kinds of friends. We ‘met’ when I came out with my Passover cookbook. Natasha has written her own cookbook. When the opportunity came, I jumped at the chance to get her to guest blog.

Natasha gave me a few options for recipes that she could share on Vegan Start. When she mentioned tacos, I jumped at it. I may live in Israel, but I’m still a Texan at heart.

Thank you Natasha Rosenstock Nadel for sharing your recipe for this quick and easy meal to share with your family!

Natasha Rosenstock Nadel is a journalist and the author of two recently published books “Healthy Family, Healthy You: The Healthy Mama’s Guide to Feeding your Family Well – simply and sanely,” and “The Healthy Family, Healthy You Cookbook.”

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