This is my second attempt at making Girls Scout Cookies. The first ones, Tagalongs, came out so amazing that I knew this day would come. The reason that I waited so long is that I love my daughter. My daughter has this thing against coconut. Can you believe it? I know, you try so hard with kids, but you just have to let them make their own decisions sometimes.

I didn’t let that stop me this time. It’s true that we also had chocolate chip cookies in the house, which made my decision to make these just a bit easier. After all, she would have some sort of cookie to eat. I’m not a monster.

So here are my favorite girl scout cookies ever, veganized:

These cookies are not the healthiest in the world, and they are a lot of work to make, and my daughter won’t eat them. But for once in a while, they are a great nostalgic fun treat.

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