Vegan Garlic MayonnaiseI used to love visiting the US to eat the really amazing vegan food that you can buy in most supermarkets. Israel has a higher percentage of vegans than there are in the US, but there are still a bunch of things missing. Good mayonnaise is one of those things. Soy mayonnaise is sold in Israel, but they are not like the vegenaise that you can buy in the US. They’re also really expensive.

Now there is no reason to go to the US any more, because I now make mayonnaise at home. It is crazy easy and comes out really yummy.

See how crazy easy it is? The first time I made it, it was amazing. I kept on going around the house showing everyone my creation. I even made everyone taste it. I know, mayonnaise isn’t exactly chocolate chip cookie dough. I’ve started using it in everything. I make vegan deli rolls and potato salad and things like that. It’s really great.

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