Like a lot of people that I know, I’m cleaning out my cupboards getting ready for Passover. I’ve been pretty good about going through all the chametz stuff we have, so we don’t have a lot to burn (or throw out) before Pesach actually gets here. Unfortunately, the amount of oatmeal that we have in the house is insane. Even with making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies practically every week, for the last month, I’ve only made a small dent. So I’ve decided to take out the big guns and cook oatmeal for breakfast to try to use it all (or at least make a bigger dent).

I don’t only make this right before Pesach. It’s been a winter breakfast that I’ve made a bunch a times. We only had one snow day this year, so that was definitely an oatmeal morning.

I buy oats at the health food store – it’s not the quick cooking type, so you may need to adjust the amount of water you use. You might want to cut the apples a bit finer if you are using the quick type – they need time  to cook to get soft. The smaller the pieces, the faster they cook.

I love oatmeal so much that every time I would go to the store, if I wasn’t sure that I had enough oatmeal, I’d buy more. I now have 3 bags to get through in 2 weeks. I don’t think that I’ll make it, but I’ll have fun trying!

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