This is a recipe that takes me back to my childhood. Growing up, I think my mom made this practically every week for Shabbat. Everyone loved it.

Her version had eggs and mayo in it. I took out the eggs a while back, before I became vegan, because it just seemed redundant to me to have both mayo and eggs. No one noticed. Now I’ve taken out the mayo and added corn starch. I don’t know if it’s still just as good, it’s hard to compare something to a memory, but I never have leftovers. I call that success.

I used to have a pot that I could use both on the stove top and in the over. When I used it there was practically no clean up at all. I’m really pro easy recipes that that don’t make a lot of mess.

I like my veggies a bit on the crisp side. If you like them that way too, keep boiling time down to a minimum. You may have to mush them a bit with a fork before baking them, but I think it gives them more taste.

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