I was planning to make a lot of latkes over Chanuka, but I never got around to it. I did make one batch, so I’ve done my duty. Don’t worry, I made plenty of other fried food for my kids including sufganiyot, tofu scramble and french toast.

I bought a lot of potatoes in expectation of all the latkes I was going to make. Since that didn’t happen, I had to figure out something to do with the potatoes. I baked a few, made some salad and hashbrowns. And I made knishes.

Honestly, I haven’t had knishes in years. When we lived in New York, we would buy them at the deli. In Dallas, they were harder to find, but you could get some frozen, sometimes, if you looked really hard.

I haven’t seen any knishes in Israel. There must be.  I know that there is a bakery called Coney Island Bakery. I assume that they must have, but I haven’t looked because of the whole vegan thing.

Years ago, when the kids were little and I did a lot more cooking than I do now, I would would make them once in a blue moon. I’ve wanted to do it again, and having too many potatoes seemed like a good opportunity.

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