I love carrot cake with creamy cream cheese frosting. As a matter of fact, my last non-vegan meal involved just that. It was a birthday treat and it was a really good way to go.

When I started thinking about being vegan, I just thought that that would be it. I was no longer going to have creamy or rich food again. I thought, as many other people I’m sure think, that I’d be eating salads all day, every day. If you’re reading this blog, I think you know that I’m not so into eating boring food.

Rich food rocks. There is no reason to think that you can’t eat well without eating animal products.

Most people add margarine in their frosting. That works for creating a good, thick frosting. This one is a bit more sticky. Although I do cook with margarine, I try to use as little as possible. Since this cake doesn’t use any margarine, it just seemed wrong to add it into the frosting. If you like the more traditional frosting, just add in 1/2 c. margarine when you mix it up.

Now that I have this recipe up on the blog, my kids can make this one for my next birthday. It’s just as yummy, and great way to celebrate eating kindly.

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