I flipped when I found out that Oreos were vegan. I often look at hechshers (kosher certificates) as a first step to see if food is vegan. If it’s considered dairy by the rabbis, I just pass, without bothering to see if it has eggs. This time, that didn’t work. Even though they are marked as dairy, there are no dairy ingredients. (Or eggs, for that matter).

I think that I found out a year or so ago when someone posted a Buzzfeed list on Facebook about being vegan. I saw Oreos on the list, I really freaked out. I thought this can’t be true. They have always been dairy, haven’t they? Besides the OU-D on the package, I grew up with the Oreo commercial, where everyone has a good time dunking them in milk. The white stuff in the middle looks dairy. After all “Weird Al” does the white stuff as coffee creamer.

My friend Ziza tells me that everyone is making Oreo cheese cakes. Pre-Shavuot, I’m really not surprised. It’s a great idea. Here’s one that’s vegan.

Before I knew that they were dairy free, I even came up with my own recipe for Oreos. It’s not that they don’t taste great, but why mess with perfection?

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