This is something that I had to make. This is something that I’ve wanted to make for a long time. This is the one thing that I’ve really been missing since going vegan. Yup, Kubbeh soup.

My Iraqi grandmother was one of the most amazing cooks ever. I have fond memories of going to her house on Sunday, and while my father and grandfather spent the time playing backgammon, my grandmother would cook for me and my brother. My grandmother didn’t speak any English, and we didn’t speak any Arabic, so we spent our time with her communicating in a type of sign language and eating. A lot of love went into everything she prepared.

Before going vegan, I used to buy the ready made kubbeh and just make a tomato vegetable soup to go with it. It was really easy to do, and my family loved it. Making it always reminded me of my grandmother. I know that it was a shortcut, and my grandmother wouldn’t be caught dead using the store bought stuff, but it just saved so much time!

uncooked kubbeh

A while back I went to a cafe that offered a vegetarian version, so I knew that it was possible, but I left it at that. It was really good, but I never thought that I would go to the effort of actually making it myself. Then I became vegan.

I missed it too much not give it a try. I am so happy that I did. It’s really yummy in general, but for me it has such strong memories that I just couldn’t live without it.

I won’t tell you that this soup isn’t a lot of work. It is. Making the balls took time, but it was well worth it. Just like my when my grandmother made them, this is an expression of love. I showed my vegetarian son the kubbeh balls in the fridge and he gave me a big hug. It was worth it just for that. It’s also worth it because it tastes really good.

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