Vacation. I can’t help feeling like it’s vacation whenever I make waffles. The tradition started a few years ago, that whenever we have most of the family home (and awake) I make waffles.

Since I make whole wheat (I actually use 70% whole wheat) flour, they are a healthy way to start the day. I like making them better than pancakes because there is much less mess. Frying is also a lot unhealthier than the vegetable spray I use on the waffle iron.

I spray my iron after each waffle, otherwise I find that the waffles stick. If there are any waffles left over, my kids like to take them as a snack on the run. They eat them “as is,” without any added syrup.

When we sit down as a family, it’s a totally different story. Both maple and chocolate syrup come out. Sometimes we even have whipped cream. So much for healthy!

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