Cheese cake has to be one of my favorite desserts. One of the first recipes that I added to my blog was for refrigerator cheese cake. I’ve also had fun making cheesecake with Oreos that is also a no bake recipe.  They are really good and creamy, but this year I decided I was going to come up with a baked version. When I was little, we lived in New York, and there is nothing that beats the the NYC bake version.

I was talking to my niece about the lack of graham crackers in Israel. I have no idea why they don’t sell them here, but they just don’t. When we made cheese cake in the old country, we always made a graham cracker crust. In Israel, you can get Lotus cookies which are much sweeter than graham crackers or you can use petit beurre cookies for the crust. (You can even use Oreos – I won’t tell anyone.)

Shavuot is this Monday (but who’s counting 🙂 ). I want to wish everyone a lovely holiday, filled with lots of interesting learning and cheesecake!

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