This is a recipe that I got from my good friend Ziza. She’s the one that gave me the amazing cabbage salad recipe that I posted a few weeks ago. So Yummy.

This recipe is easy to make and because the veggies are grated, it cooks up quickly. It’s nice and thick, making it all you need from a cold winter’s dinner. Use whole rice and it’s really healthy too. This soup, and good bread is a full meal.

The one thing that I find you need to be careful about with canned tomatoes is that they can be very salty. Make sure to taste this soup before adding more salt. There are times when I’ve found that no extra salt is required.

If you are using real sea salt, it’s best to put it in the soup (as with any dish to which you add salt) while you’re cooking. The minerals that they contain can only be released during the cooking process.

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