You can’t have Shabbat without challah. Every week I’ve been trying different recipes. It’s been one of the foods that I’ve found hard to make vegan. By definition, challah is a rich bread made from eggs. I’ve made a bunch of different recipes, most with limited success.

I have been successful with recipes with ingredients that you might not find at home (like flaxseed) and with recipes that use too many dishes (like melting margarine). Since the whole point of this blog is to make things easy, those kinds of things are real no-nos. I mean, how can people even think of cutting down their animal consumption, even if they didn’t really want to go vegan all the way, if they felt that they had to spend half their time in a health food store. And I just hate washing extra dishes. That would not be cool.

After trial and error, I think that I finally got it right. Here’s the recipe I use:

There’s one way that you can tell that this challah is really good – before my daughter went to work, not only did she take some, she said make sure to finish it because it would be such a pity for it to go to waste. Bread empathy. I love it.

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