I love iHerb.com! Ever since Ester introduced me to it, I’ve become a really good customer. Why do I like them so much? Because I am now able to get silken tofu in Israel. For years, every time I would go to the health food store I’d ask if they carry it. I hoped that annoying them every time I went in, someone would think about importing it into this country. I still don’t understand why they don’t. It’s not something that is expensive, so I’m sure a lot of people will buy it. I could understand if it was something that needed to be refrigerated that that might make importing easier, but it doesn’t need to be. I still just don’t get it.

iHerb.com is great. They have a flat fee for international mail – $4 for 4lbs. I’ve done the math for things that they do sell in Israel, like NuGo bars, and it’s cheaper to buy them there and have them sent to here. I’ve also been able to get good vegan mayonnaise. You can get vegan mayonnaise here, but it’s runny and doesn’t have a great shelf life.

I’ve made some wonderful creamy desserts with silken tofu. I’ve also used it for quiches and things like that. It’s just so much fun to play with.

My daughter, Shira, has brought leftover pie to her friends at Hebrew U. They can’t believe it’s vegan. It’s really that good.

The one problem with making this pie is that I can’t get my husband to stop singing “My Wife Ran Off With a Banana” whenever I say I’m making it. He also sings it while I making it, while I serve it and while he eats it. [Editor’s note: And while proofreading this blog post]. I keep telling him that if he doesn’t stop, I’ll stop making it. He promises to stop, but doesn’t have the self control to actually do it. Oh well.

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