During the year, it’s hard to find baked goods in your local grocery store that are vegan. On Passover, it’s impossible to find them on Passover. Everything, and I mean everything, is made with eggs. It’s crazy. I have one old recipe book where each cake requires at least 7 eggs, and sometimes as many as 12. Knowing what I know now, I find that sad.

I did find a few recipes that used only one egg. I’ve taken one of them and modified it. The cake already called for apple sauce, so I just added a bit extra to keep it all together. I also changed up a bunch of the other ingredients, so there really is no resemblance to the original recipe.

I’m pleased with the way the cake came out. It’s more like bars than actual cake, but it is very yummy. I mean, how wrong can you go with apples, sugar and cinnamon?

I still have guilt from the ghosts of Passovers past. I remember living off eggs for the whole week. Every where you’d blink, there would go another egg. It’s the reality of Passover for a lot of people. It’s a bit ironic that a holiday that represents freedom uses products that have been taken from animals that are abused. In the past people ignored the suffering of slaves. Perhaps one day we’ll also stop ignoring how much suffering we cause to animals. Just something to think about.

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