I never made fudge before I turned vegan. It’s one of those things that you think is just impossible to make, so you don’t get started. And it’s not something that I could just go out and buy in the store. Fudge really isn’t an Israeli thing.

When I was here on my year abroad, about 20 years ago, there was one place that you could buy fudge. It was in Jerusalem, in the city center, in a store call Happenings. There they sold Cowboy Fudge (I think that the person who made it was originally from Texas). He had all different types of yummy flavors.

Not that I could eat it now anyway, but both the cowboy and the store are long gone. It’s something that just never caught on over here. Reminiscing, I decided I was going to make my own fudge. To my very pleasant surprise, it is so easy to make.

That’s it. Super easy and very yummy. I made a batch before Shabbat, and what you see in the picture is all that was left – and that was after me telling everyone to leave some over so that I could take a picture for the blog.

It’s far from health food, so I don’t make this very often. Once in a while I’ll make it, cut it in squares and stick it in the freezer for when I’m having a serious chocolate attack. This is definitely the best cure for that.

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