It’s kind of weird to write about shepherd’s pie. After all, it all started with shepherds using the ingredients they had around – like lamb. Not really so appropriate for a vegan blog. But heck, I’ve already written something about baby back ribs, so shepherd’s pie really shouldn’t be all that big a deal.

My oldest daughter loves mashed potatoes. I think that she would eat them all day if she could. She was having a bad week last week, so I decided to make shepherd’s pie as a bit of a pick me up. She was grateful.

I use Tivol Ground for this recipe. Teva Deli has ground seitan that is ready to use, but it’s not as good. (I used it in the spinach pie as well). In the US, there’s much more of a selection.

In general, I would use a can of peas and carrots for this, but I didn’t have any in the house, and using fresh and frozen worked well. The one thing that you have to worry about with canned vegetables is that they will fall apart if you add them too early. I would suggest putting them in at the very end if you decide to go that way.

We had meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans at the table when it was served, and all three groups asked for seconds. I take that as a really good sign. The only person who wasn’t that into it was my daughter’s friend that just doesn’t like the texture of mashed potatoes. I guess you can’t please everyone.

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